Case study

Autophant is one of the most innovative apps in the car rental industry. Its mission is to ensure a rental car is worth the customer's time, money and effort.

The results were extremely pleasing. The Autophant app was increasing in membership in only 2 short months after the redesign beta launch, and this redesign was now responsible for a 4.5-star-rating, almost double increase in overall conversion, and a series of cultural change in innovation for the company.

Dennis Mccain Product Owner

Upon first joining the UX Team over at Autophant, We where immediately drawn to the then outdated native apps. The app featured old, surpassed design elements. Thus, I embarked on a mission to overhaul and revamp the entire experience from the ground up.

After sitting down with the mobile apps' product owner and business analyst, we began to build a business case on why and how we should re-build both Autophant iOS and Android apps.

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