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Custom bespoke tailoring only by appointment but with a modern touch.

I feel personally that Lemo-Design took the branding of our business to a whole new level. Breathing new life into the brand. This was not something I expected to happen but am very happy with the result. I recommend anybody to take a moment to talk with him because it changed my business forever for the better.

Fernando Bolter CFO

The task was to completely redesign the website and transform it into one that will interest a younger male population – proud of his success with a passion for tradition and quality who worship friendship above everything and of course likes to dress well. The project itself was a story of opposites. Be innovative to appeal to the younger audience, but don’t lose the authenticity of the brand that its older fans know and love. Be true to the spirit of craftsmanship, but accentuate the significance it puts on innovating.

We researched usability principles, information architecture, design and content of all benchmark sites as well as a number of selected sites from other fashion brands. Knowing all the ins and outs of the website’s topic was essential. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to learn about tailoring from people that love their profession. The research phase took quite a bit of time, but it helped us connect the brand with the goals we wanted to achieve.

The main challenge of this project was gathering and organising information about James Tailoring career story from different sources like social media, educations, workshops and of course their own archives, and finding a way of conveying it to visitors by combining the creative usage of technology, photos, videos and user interaction. At the same time, we had to think about the user experience, which had to be seamless on all devices.

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